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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alzheimers and Pet Therapy

Pet therapy has been shown to be particularly helpful to Alzheimer’s patients and those affected by other dementias. Pets, and dogs in particular, can calm those affected by dementia, help them stay active (Dogs love to walk!), and help them stay social through interactions with passersby who cannot resist these fuzzy companions. Dogs in general often provide enjoyment for those dealing with dementia, and it has been shown that dementia patients have a greater appetite following a visit from a canine companion.
The good news is there may be new promise in the area of pets helping people with dementias. Imagine dogs trained to remind a person to take medication and eat, or lead a person with dementia back home. Even more impressive, imagine these dogs could accomplish all of these tasks without receiving any type of verbal command. Does this sound farfetched (no pun intended)?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Special Pension Aging Veterans - Get help in home if you qualify

Comfort Keepers® Is Honored to Serve Our Nation’s Veterans

Home Care for VeteransWe feel privileged to provide home care for veterans who served our nation in its time of need. We provide you with the information to work through the paperwork to help you avoid potential pension claim delays. Once you become an approved participant in a VA program, Comfort Keepers will provide the quality home care and companionship our veterans deserve. There are several veteran in-home care programs for which an individual may qualify:
  • Improved Pension Benefit Program
  • Homemaker/Home Health Aide Program
  • In-Home Respite Program

Who Qualifies?

If you or your spouse served 90 consecutive days of active military duty – at least one of those days during a U.S. declared war – you may qualify or be partially qualified.
Other qualifications include specific financial criteria and documented physical need for in-home care.
To begin the application process, you will need:
  • Original discharge certificate
  • Marriage certificate (divorce papers from any prior marriages, if applicable)
  • Death certificate of veteran (if applicable)
  • Social Security numbers for the veteran and spouse
If you think you may qualify for one of the VA programs, give Comfort Keepers in Springfield PA a call at 610-543-6300 or go to our website at to get more information.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Walk to End Alzheimers! Join Team Philly Fights!

Comfort Keepers offices in the Philadelphia area have created a team to Walk to End Alzheimers. If you would like to donate or walk please join our team - Comfort Keepers Philly Fights! by clicking HERE.

Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Things to Know about Senior Care Services

Deciding mom or dad's needs that they need help with can be difficult. You hate to say it aloud, but your parents are growing older and their mobility, cognizance and physiques are changing. If you're a family searching for the best elder care service for your parents, it is important to identify which features people are drawn to in a provider.

  1. Official Papers 
    An especially important component you need to be aware of is licensing. Unfortunately, potential in-home care clients often don't check for elder care service providers' licenses, and that should be their very first step. Having a license holds a company to certain standards. Routinely, records get reviewed, homes are checked for safety, questions are asked of the family and client on quality of service, and patients are evaluated for any signs of neglect or abuse. 
  2. Best of the Best 
    At Comfort Keepers© we like to maintain a cozy home environment and provide the best skilled and trained associates. Professional medical assistance is sometimes needed in in-home care situations, and you want to ensure the company you choose hires highly qualified staff members. If you are researching elder care service providers and your mom or dad suffer from a special condition such as Alzheimer's Disease, surgery recovery or arthritis, find a provider with caregivers specializing in that field. 
  3. Choices 
    Each client is different, and the service they need may vary from senior to senior. If a family member is helping with the caregiving, they may only need respite care. A loved one may still be fairly mobile, but require help with housekeeping, meal preparation, errands or laundry. For more severe conditions, personal grooming, toileting assistance and feeding are essential. After analyzing the choices needed, selecting a company becomes easier.
  4. Best Pal 
    The personality of a caregiver is just as important as service performance. Does the staff radiate compassion and companionship? Does the staff give clients independence by including them in decision-making? It's hard to tell without experience. The easiest way to gauge a person is hearing from the people connected to them. Read personal testimonies and reviews. You'll find the true nature of the caregiver this way. 
  5. Investment
    If you are researching elder care service providers, money is always an important topic of discussion. Estimate the value of your investment long-tem and explore financial aid options. 
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stress is a common factor in life. Children experience stress from school, new social situations and simply growing up. Adults feel the stress of working, paying bills, raising kids and maintaining households. Seniors also feel stress, even though some may have retired, raised their children and paid off their homes. Certain amounts of stress are a part of life for people of all ages.
For seniors, stress has the potential to be especially overwhelming. This type of tension in older adults has unique contributing factors, such as the loss of an elderly spouse or friends. Living alone can increase the sense of isolation. Sometimes the simple tasks of everyday life can cause stress in those who experience physical or medical limitations. The effects of stress can sometimes exacerbate health conditions from which some seniors suffer, causing additional worry.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Annual Senior Fair at Harrah's - May 8th

The annual COSA Senior Expo will be held on Friday May 8, 2015 at Harrah's Chester. The event is from 9am to 1pm. Come out and enjoy the fun. admission to public is free.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

COSA Centenarian Luncheon is May 13th!

All residents age 100 and older are invited to a festive birthday celebration, being hosted May 13 by Delaware County Council and the Office of Services for the Aging (COSA).

The 13th annual Centenarian Luncheon at the Drexelbrook serves to recognize the remarkable county citizens who have lived for a century or longer.

Anyone turning 100 or older in 2015 is welcome to attend with a guest. Last year, 72 centenarians attended the luncheon. For those who cannot attend the luncheon, COSA staff visited 21 additional centenarians in the community.

Centenarians and one guest are admitted for free. Additional guests may purchase tickets for $25 each. Guests also receive a commemorative photo from the day along with a special proclamation from Delaware County Council.

The organization or facility that brings the most centenarians to the luncheon will receive a prize.

For information or to register to attend the luncheon, contact Debbie Hedgepeth at (610) 872-1686.