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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do you know someone in Delaware County who is 100 or older?

If so you definitely have to tell his or her family about the Annual Centenarian Luncheon on May 11, 2010 at Drexelbrook. Last year I had the privilege to attend this outstanding event for all of our Centenarians in the Delaware County area. According to Barbara Nicolardi at COSA, there were 30 Centenarians present at the event with their families and caregivers and then another 60 in the community who were unable to attend for various reasons but were visited.

At the luncheon last year, each Centenarian had family or a caregiver with him or her to enjoy the special day. Dressed in their Sunday best, the Centenarians took pictures with their families and enjoyed a feast served by the wonderful staff at Drexelbrook. After everyone ate, the Centenarians were honored with a special citation and a huge birthday cake. Seeing these individuals who have lived to be 100 or older truly makes one pause and think about everything their eyes have seen and their hearts have experienced.

As I watched some of the ladies I saw them interact with the generations of daughters and sons, grandchildren and even great grandchildren that attended the event with them. One person had 5 generations with her and when we think about it for a 100 year old person that is a generation every 20 years or so. And there were men there too that were Centenarians. Looking dapper in their suits and ties, they were every bit the fathers we know from years past, the hardworking brick layers or executives that built this country and veterans who served our country. It was touching to see all them and think about their lives and the changes in the world they have seen.

I encourage you to tell your family, friends and co-workers about this event. It will be held on May 11, 2010 at Drexelbrook. If you know someone who is 100 or will be 100 or older in 2010 please contact Barbara Nicolardi, 610-490-1524 at COSA, The County Office of Services for Aging. Centenarians and one guest are free. Additional guests can purchase a ticket for $25 each.

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