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Monday, March 22, 2010

Retired Senior Volunteer Program: Connecting People to Purpose!

Do you like to make people laugh? Maybe you like to sing or play music? Or maybe you would like to read to children or be a speaker in the community? If so, RSVP might be for you! I had no idea how many great programs and opportunities RSVP had to offer the community and their volunteers until I met their wonderful staff over in the Media office. Lead by Norma Testa-Walsh, Executive Director the staff is inviting and encouraging to all who enter their doors. Lynn Shelton, Program Coordinator is enthusiastic and always ready to tell all who enter about the RSVP Literacy Programs, the Friendly Visiting and Pen Pal programs, the Legends Bands, the Guys and Gals who sing at local nursing homes and last but never least, the RSVP Clowns who spread cheer at local hospitals and nursing homes. Sound like fun? It does to me. If you know a senior who is looking for something to do with some free time, RSVP might be for him or her. To learn more about it, click HERE.

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