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Friday, April 30, 2010

Seen the commercial where the lady falls and says "help me"? How does that work?

If you have seen the commercials where the lady is laying in the middle of the living room and is saying "help me I fallen" then you know about the the pendant you where around your neck. Do you know how the mechanism works? The commercial really doesn't show you that. It leads you to believe that if you push the pendant the ambulance automatically shows up at your front door and maybe with that system it does but not all systems work that way.

The one that I am most familiar with Safety Choice and it has a live responder who asks if you need help before an ambulance is dispatched to the home. Safety Choice is comprised of two pieces, the pendant you wear either around your neck or on your wrist like a watch and the second piece the receiver that sits on the counter and is plugged into the phone and the electricity.

When a person pushes the button a wireless signal goes in the air to the receiver. The receiver is activated and begins the process of dialing out on the phone line. Once the emergency signal is received a live responder comes on the box and asks if the person is okay. At that point the pendant pusher can say "Yes, I am fine, I accidentally pushed it" or "I need help, call an ambulance". The live responder then takes action and while staying on the receiver with the client, calls for an ambulance. The responder stays on the receiver until help arrives.

The Safety Choice mechanism also allows for clients with vision problems to ask for a family member to be called instead of an ambulance (in non-emergenct situation) as well as police department. Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are designed for individuals who cannot readily get to, reach or dial a phone in an emergency. One of the most questions is, "will it work outside?" and the answer is "Yes" to a certain footage say like the end of the driveway or the mailbox. If you like to go out and get your mail but are afraid of falling you can push your button and it will probably activate the machine.

These life saving devices are used everyday by thousands of seniors but most seniors do not know exactly how it works and are afraid the ambulance will arrive at the home every time they accidentally push the pendant. Also people are scared off by the cost. Most seniors in general think technology or machines have a large cost associated with them. Most of the pendants and receivers run on average from about $30 to $45 dollars a month. There may be an installation charge and you may have to sign a contract so as always make sure you read what you are about to sign. Safety Choice products in Delaware County are free installation and run about $30 per month with no contract. Billing is month to month and it can be cancelled at any time.

Emergency Response Systems save lives everyday. Isn't yours worth about $1 a day?

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