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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Senior Lift Program: Learn to use computer and other technology

Senior Lift Program proposes to challenge and destroy many attitudes that view seniors as helpless, physically challenged individuals who have no purpose and no place in the real world. This attitude must first change within senior themselves.

The Senior Lift Program advocates creating training opportunities for seniors to gain training and information to promote learning new resources and new skills.

The Senior Lift Program offers computer training to those 55 and older. Benefits received are: Instruction includes a 4 week program which total 16 hours of training
- Objectives: Introduce basic computer skills with emphasis placed on specific training model
- Focus on parts and functions of the computer
- Introduction to Microsoft word
- How to use the internet and how to set-up and utilize an email account
- Introduction to computer terminology
- At the end of the computer session, participants will be required to complete a team oral
To learn more about Senior Lift, click HERE.

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