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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elderlaw: Definition and Information on its Importance in the life of Elderly and Seniors

Ever wonder what the term Elderlaw means? What does an Elderlaw Attorney do? And why is there a need for such a specialized area of the law? I know as a lay person, my first thought was what other than a will could an Elderlaw Attorney do for me or for my aging loved ones? And then I met Dana and Robert Breslin, Elderlaw Attorneys on Edgemont Ave in Brookhaven.

After one short conversation with them and a look at their website, I realized there is much much more to Elderlaw than I would have ever thought. Especially when it comes to making decisions on another's behalf, what I am responsible for financially if something happens to that person and how decisions made have tax consequences and how other long term planning situations can affect the life of my aging loved one financially and legally.

I can not encourage you enough as a Senior yourself or your adult children to start the process of educating yourself. To see the definition of Elderlaw and find resources, click HERE.

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  1. Something to watch,my father who is 80 yrs. old and prior owner/operator of a small business in Collingdale was a victim of a huge identity theft via his employee. The alleged stole over 107,000 dollars from him. The alleged was charged with over 200 counts and is now in the hands of the DA in Media. The alleged hacked into his personal/business acounts one being Vanguard and the other was Soverign Bank, his security with the two Banks was violated and there was no protection given at all. Checks were forged not mirroring his signatures at all,and all of this went unnoticed. The alleged intercepted mail that would of obviously sent up a red flag to my father, also at this time the market was in an up/down enviroment 08/9.This has been in the courts in Media since last year,with a continuance every time..Even after sending all of the checks she wrote to his business insurance company The Hartford he was denied any compensation due to the fact that they claim they could not read the checks which is incorrect, even the DA had no problem reading the accounting of this mess..I would like to post this due to the fact that my father would like to have an attorney in this field look at his case, and help him with any restitution,but again the alleged has exhausted his entire lifes savings. Being that you are involved with Elder Care/Concerns I thought you would be able to fwd this to a peer for any and all suggestions, My Dad is a longtime resident of the Delco area,a good upstanding citizen, all he did wrong in life was to hire the wrong person. Please Help!!
    Best Regards
    Patricia Malin