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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Hallmark of TV Land

TV Land started several years ago to entertain the children and to bring back a few of the old shows and introduce them to a younger audience. Somehow it has morphed into something for adults rather than kids running more adult like retro shows such as All In the Family and Sanford and Son.

While Hallmark has for the most part run shows for older adults like I Love Lucy and the Golden Girls, sometimes over and over and over. It seems strange to put up the tv schedule and not see an episode of Golden Girls scheduled. It seems like it is on every hour.

These shows bring back alot of memories for anyone between about 35 and 105. Lucy reminds of a time when television was still in black and white and it often reminds us that about in 50 years we have gone from a couple like Fred and Ethel not owning a television to a time now where you can watch television on your cell phone. Pretty soon television itself may become obsolete and we will treat it like we do the printers, faxes and typerwriters of the world, they will sit in an attic and the grandchildren will ask "what is that?"

I am truly amazed by all the changes I have seen in my short time on this earth let alone a person who is twice my age. Just in the short time I have been on the earth, I used a typerwriter with that old carbon paper that got ink on your hands to a large oversize computer with a printer that needed it's own room to a laptop computer to now a cell phone. A cell phone that I can use for making calls (landlines), typing letters (emails), finding phone numbers or directions (yellowpages, maps), taking pictures (cameras) and a bunch of other things I am getting to old to care about.

I can only imagine when I am twice my age what the world will be like. Will we be the jetsons and have a computer, probably our cell phones, that we will type in what we want to eat and a pill will come out that will taste like the food? or will be more like Star Trek, New Generation? because we already have communicators (cell phones) that the original Star Trekkers carried (1966?).

What do you think? or should I say, will we eventually not think for ourselves and live like people in Terminator movies where computers will run everything? As I look down at my cell phone I think don't computers run everything now? Give me your comments.

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