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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Senior Centers: Great Place to Meet New Friends!!

If you are considering venturing out and meeting new people, the Senior Center is a great place to do it. Senior Centers are located in all parts of Delaware County and have all kinds of activities and fun things to do. Most if not all of them serve meals at lunch time which you can purchase and many of them have actvities that run through the day and month.

A great example of this is the Wayne Senior Center right off of Lancaster Ave in downtown Wayne. The day I visited them some of the seniors were playing cards, some were watching a movie, some were exercising and some were playing WII bowling. It looked like fun to me. I wanted to join in the WII bowling game. The center has wonderful staff who truly care about the seniors who attend there.

If Wayne is not in your area, there is the Hometown Center on Franklin Street in Media, PA. Another great place with people exercising when I visited and playing games. The staff is outstanding with Kathy Henderson leading the crew. Kathy has been at the center for I think 17 years so that says alot about the center, dedication and compassion towards seniors.

If you live in Clifton Heights area, Family Matters is located right on Baltimore Pike in an old church. The staff there recently had a holiday party where they had Guitar with Gloria perform holiday sing alongs for the clients. Family Matters also has many wonderful activities for baby boomers and seniors to participate in and the staff there is dedicated and caring.

Maybe you are in the Lansdowne or Darby area and if so, Friendship Circle is just around the corner. It sits in the building off Wycombe behind Fitz Mercy Hospital or maybe you live about 7 miles south of that in Chester, there is the Chester Senior Center on Hayes Street. Let's not forget School House Center in Folsom area, easily accessibly from McDade Blvd.

Well I hope I didn't leave any of the centers out because as you can see there are many of them in Delaware County. Seniors Centers are different than Adult Day Care Centers. I encourage you to look into the senior center for your loved one. To access information on many of the centers, go to the COSA website at or by clicking HERE.

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