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Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing lasts like it used to...

I find myself saying alot "nothing lasts like it used to". Everything nowadays is plastic or made cheaply and I find myself breaking things easily or wearing them out and in need of a new one. This morning I glanced at this towel that I have had for what feels like a million years. I looked at that towel and I thought to myself that towel is in pretty good shape where did I buy that?

And then I remembered, I didn't buy it. My aunt gave it to me. She had a couple of them in a drawer and about 20 years ago gave it to me. I thought that towel must be close to 100 years old and so I decided to research it. But where would I start? I looked at the towel and that is when I realized it had a tag sown on the end of it.

For those of you who remember items way back when they had a tag sown on them. Not a paper tag a tag that was made out of a silk type material that had the name of the manufacturer sown on it. The tag on my item said Fieldcrest and so I googled it.

I found everything I wanted to know about the Fieldcrest company on Wikipedia and I would encourage you to read it. See it not only told me about my towel but it also in some ways explains why things are made so cheaply today and it also shows how a manufacturing company in this country started, changed and eventually closed. It is interesting to read and if you want a bit of history, click HERE to read it.

Who knew I would find out so much about history of manufacturing in the country by looking up one name, one towel on google. Clearly things are not made the way they used to be and frankly they never will be again. Nowadays things are high tech made of plastic and disposable. They are built to be replaced and disposed of. Interesting, some would argue that is how many people live their life today. Tired of your wife, replace her, mad at a friend dispose of the friendship and family? Well if your family disagrees with your lifestyle you don't need them anyway there is always someone somewhere willing to take their place. Wikidpedia seems to speak the truth of the history of what happened to my Fieldcrest towel, I wonder what Wikipedia would say about the collectiveness of our lives as Americans? Might it say They were a people who started out fighting for their independence to a nation of immigrants who manufactured their own goods to a nation that ________. You finish the sentence, I would really like to hear what baby boomers and seniors have to say.

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