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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Ten Commandments: So let it be written...

So let it be done! What are your memories of the Cecil B. Demille version of the Ten Commandments? Did you watch it in the movie theatre when it was first released? What did you think when Charleston Heston parted the red sea?

Did they show the whole movie all 3 hours of it and if so, was that one of the first 3 hour movies ever made? I wondered about the answers to these questions since I am not old enough to have seen the movie on the big screen. I think there are certain movies that show only be shown on a large movie screen and this is one of them. The Robe and Ben Hur are two others. Great movies that are usually only shown at Easter time on regular television.

It's a shame that these movies are only shown at certain times of the  year. They are wonderful films filled with drama and stories that are interesting and involved you. Don't you want to know who wins this great chariot race or if the people make it across the parted Sea before Pharaoh gets to them?  Even though I know the outcome every year I watch  hoping they will make it across in time.

Tell me about your memories of some of these great movies. I want to hear what it was like to see them on big screen when they first came out.

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