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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween: How much longer will it last?

Halloween will probably last as long as stores can sell decorations, costumes and other things like cards. This interests me, cards for Halloweens, I wondered how many do they sell? My first thought was does anyone send a Happy Halloween card via email or in the postal mail anymore? It is not like Christmas or Mother's Day and why would a person spend 44 cents to mail Halloween card? I guess people do.

Not too long along Halloween still meant something to kids. Even 30 years ago kids would be encouraged to dress up like a police officer, a football player or fire person. Costumes were often made at home. A kid would wear an older siblings football uniform that he or she grew out of or mom would find old clothes and you could tear them up and go as scarecrow. Imagination and creativity.

Today there is not alot of imagination or creativity during the halloween season. Unless you are a place like Linvilla Orchards where you can always find original creations. Nowadays everything is so commercial and television oriented. Kids want to be the Kardashians or some famous basketball player. In the old days you wore a football outfit to be a football player. Nowadays the basketball uniform or the football outfit represents the millionaire one day you will become.

The kids in the United States are fooled into thinking making money is as easy as playing a sport or being on reality television like the Jersey Shore people, who might even have their own Halloween costumes you can buy, talk about scary sign of the times.

The question rose for me how long will Halloween last. As kids get older younger meaning 10 year old are more like 21 years old than 21 years old will they care about dressing up one day a year? They have so much at their disposal they could dress up everyday like Lady GaGa if they wanted.

What do you think? Will Halloween last? what was your favorite thing to wear or do at Halloween?

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