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Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank a Veteran Today, Veterans Day 2011

This picture is making the rounds on social media today and it is just the most  heartwarming scene so I wanted to share it with my readers.
Veterans give their life for this country and I don't just mean their physical body. Every veteran has to make so many sacrifices including being away from loved ones, missing their children's milestones, financial burdens and often physical and psychological sacrifice.

If you see a veteran today, please make sure you thank him or her for their service. Please don't forget their families who too sacrifice so much for their loved one to keep us safe.

If you are attending the Parade in Media today, stop into the PA Veterans Museum on State Street right under Trader Joe's - the old Armory Building. You will be mesmerized by the amount of donated items from local veterans, you could spend all afternoon just looking at items and reading about our local veterans. Great place to take your kids too. Very educational especially the Women in the Military display, ladies take your girls in there to see our World War 2 women veterans uniforms and stories. Most of the displays have local names and pictures attached, you might see a neighbor's name in the museum.

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