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Friday, December 2, 2011

A bad year for the Philadelphia Eagles...

With the loss last night to the Seahawks, the Eagles are pretty much done. They have no chance to do anything with the rest of this season. When they play Dallas on Christmas Eve, my guess is they will play safely knowing they are out of the playoffs so why take a chance and get hurt and be in a cast or the hospital on Christmas Day.

If I ask some of our seniors why should I continue to follow this team, I know what I might hear. There were years that were alot worse than this. Delco people are loyal and we don't just give up on a team after a bad year. Sure we complain alot and that is when they are doing well and not so well and our suggestions are never heard but it is fun to be a back seat coach.

Andy Reid seems to want to say Times Yours every week but I really don't think it is. If the time was ours he would have a different answer for our questions other than it is his responsibility it all starts with him and he has to do a better job, they all have to do a better job.

When you give someone the same answer without an explanation of how you plan to change things, people tend to think you don't care. After years of hearing him say the same thing and then add a really bad season to it, we are now thinking he needs to be fired because he is not doing anything about anything. If he would just say the year is not going well so this is our plan for the rest of the year. We are going to run the ball on 3rd and 2 instead of throwing because we have the best running back in the league and although we have been nominated to win a prestigious sports team of the year award for our community outreach and team work we are no longer going to be the team of 2nd chances.

The Philadelphia eagles over the last two to three years has turned into the team of second chances. Now I am not saying people should not get a second chance but you can't have several people on your team who are struggling with putting their lives back together on same team. They have too many distractions. Right now you have a quarterback playing who has not played for long time and has alot of personal issues included alleged mental health problems you are trying to give a second chance to. You have a wide receiver who has been benched and then put back in who is clearly having alot of issues personally and professionally affecting your team. You have a starting quarterback who was given a second chance who still deals with that and trying to redeem himself and is clearly having a difficult year and frankly we never thought was that good in Atlanta.

I guess what I am trying to say is the NFL is no different than any other business. If you owned a company and wanted to give people a second chance that is a wonderful but you are still running a business. An owner of a business often has to look at big picture. If you have a staff of 60 can you have several people on the staff that are new, rookies trying to work with or learn from people who are being given a second chance?

Let's say the Eagles is the business and Reid is the owner running it for last 12-13 years. Some of the people either have been there for several years  or started with the last two or three and in their mind have been good soldiers, showed up every day on time and stayed out of trouble and all of sudden you hire two people to do the same job and pay them hefty salaries to do what you do because trust me it doesn't matter whether you make 5 dollars an hour or 50 million a year, anyone getting more than 20-25 percent more than you you get an attitude. Our worth or value is often correlated with money paid so Asante Samuel gets an attitude about his situation. DeSean Jackson gets an attitude about holding up a contract and all the while they have to watch a redeemed Michael Vick get 100 million, why? and Nmadi and Cromartie coming in at high dollar signs.

As business owner you cannot stick your head in the sand and think it will all work itself out. This is business is not personal. Reid is probably thinking men can play together they are professionals and I can count on X to bring the team together, wait there is no X anymore. See you fired or laid off how ever you want to rationalize it in your head Brian Dawkins, see some of your team did not forget that and how you let a good man Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolbe and now Kafke who did nothing but represent themselves well professionally and personally as far as we know just leave without so much as a thank you. Oh and I forgot David Akers, that was a real kicker, no pun intended.

Might one suspect that the rumor that Kevin Kolb told the Arizona Cardinals offense what to call to win the game because he knew the defensive plays indicate that the real  problem of the Eagles right now is not how they are playing but the fact that you have a team that is angry, fighting internally, jealous of each other and basically lost their respect for how the team is being run and how people are being treated by the nominated sports team of the year.

Sadly if the Eagles stay on this path next year will be even worse. Until you get a core group of people working in the business who like and respect each other and salaries don't seem to be skewed toward people who don't deserve it you are still going to have team that cannot win. Like I said it doesn't matter when you make 5 dollars an hour or 50 million when you work somewhere you want to be treated fairly and you want the people around you that work hard and put in the effort to be treated fairly too. No one wants to see someone who came in last year just from 50 million to 100 million for what? winning a couple games the year before? No one wants to see good people and co-workers like Kolbe or Kafke have to be released or sit on a bench and what give plays to a Vince Young just because he used to be a quarterback? So it's okay for Kafke to be there to bail you out or Kolbe to come in and bail you out but when the their time comes they don't get a chance to lead the team? You let a Young who doesn't know the offense lead a team that is already a mess. Your players see this and they are not dumb. They like employees of any business start evaluating how things are being run and start to question. They start to whisper to each other, so and so is getting paid how much, gee I been here for x years and did my job am I not needed anymore or valued? Then the attitudes start, the jealousy sets in and next thing you have angry and bitter people trying to work together and it doesn't work. You have dropped passes and short arms. You have passes thrown at feet while a Kafka sits over on bench thinking why didn't coach put me in, I been here for 3 years and I know these receivers and offense even I could have gotten the ball to him. Didn't coach do that when Kolb was struggling, put Vick in, oh wait that happened to me too. I got to sit on bench during that  whole redemption story too. See these work situations don't happen overnight, they fester and brew for a year or two until they come into their own and the attitudes turn into behaviors and then you have a major problem on your hands.

This is the real reason people are screaming for Andy Reid to be fired. He is considered the CEO of this business and he has lost his ability to see the bigger  picture. His story of redemption is going to become his own when he leaves Philadelphia and then goes to another team that has veterans who work together well and finally wins a Superbowl.

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