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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Memories of Holidays Past: A Christmas Story...

Next Saturday the movie Christmas Story with the little boy who wants a Red Rider BB Gun will be running for 24 hours probably on TBS channel as it usually does. The movie is a hit with all ages becaue it reminds us of holidays past and present dreams of what Santa might be bring over night.

Do you have any special memories of  holidays you could share with your children or grandchildren? maybe it was a special visit from a family member at a time when people did not travel in planes or maybe it is a special meal made from scratch that your mother or grandmother made on the eve of the holiday or the actual day. Maybe there was a special activity that you always did with a loved one like walk over to the corner bakery and pick up a special holiday treat.

Share these memories with us by commenting on this blog and tell your family what memories you have of the holidays when you were a kid. Times change and so does technology. Some day somewhere there may not be a holiday - a special day during the year that recognizes people, places or events.

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