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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Curling Championship at Ice Works in Aston

Ever heard of Curling? If not, you probably missed it on the winter olympics because that is where most people learn of it. Curling is an olympic sport where a team of 2-4 people carefully and slowly slide a 12 pound stone down the ice lane - kinda like bowling but there are no pins. The ice has a circle on it at the end and you have to get the stone as close to the inner circle that you can without your opponent knocking you out. In this respect it is kinda like shuffle board.

The sport is fun to watch and is starting to make a local appearance here in Delaware County. The national championship is going to be held at Ice Works in Aston in February. The Delaware County Chamber is hosting an event to celebrate the championship. It is a nice night out, easy to get to and you will be supporting a great cause the Chamber Foundation.

For more information on the Event click HERE. For more information on Chamber click HERE.

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