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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012!

Yesterday a person posted on one of my social media sites a story about 6 generations of women celebrating Mother's Day 2012. This was shocking to me and at first I could not figure out the 6 generations. I thought to myself, Tuesday I attended the Centenarian Luncheon where 47 residents of Delaware County who were 100 years old or older attended with their families. At that event the oldest person was 108. So I started counting down.

If mom was 108 then daughter might be 88, her daughter 68, the next women 48, the next one 28 and then an 8 year old. This would mean that everyone in the chain would have had to had a child at the age of 20. That seems almost impossible especially in this day and age when many women are working and having children later in their late 20's often mid 30's.

And then I read the story. At first I was confused because the title read great-great-great grandmother? Oh my what did that mean? Well this ggggrandma, if I can call her that is 111! Yes, 111. The youngest of the tribe is 6 weeks old. In between there a woman in her 80's one in her 60's, one in her late 30's and then the sixteen year old who had the baby that is now 6 weeks old.

This was unbelievable to me. I have seen 5 generations in person at the Delaware County Centenarian Luncheon and that was amazing but 6? That seemed unbelievable. It is however true and does exist and yes all 6 are women. The story was sent to me via social media and originally appeared on the Huffington Post website, a website I do not read but because of the story, the person sent it to me.

So Happy Mother's Day to those 6 ladies and all Mothers everywhere.

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