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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ridley, Springfield, Alden Seniors - Woman Arrested for Allegedly Scamming Seniors

Click Here to see Channel 10's coverage of arrest...

Now you might how ask how could this happen? As younger people we are more aware of our surroundings. If a younger person answered the door and the woman said my car broke down can I use the phone, a younger person’s first thought might be why? don’t you have a cell phone? In year 2012 it would very odd for someone to ask to use phone inside a house. Seniors often don’t use cell phones, it might not occur to them to think about it, they will just say “sure come in it’s over there”.
Second if someone came to your home and said she was home care worker or from an agency, a younger person might think, we didn’t have an appointment or question what agency? For what? Now a senior might think the same and question and then again might not. Often seniors comply with persons they think are in authority such as an alleged scammer who says he or she is from county agency or is a nurse or aide from medical company.
Comfort Keepers cannot emphasized enough to our own clients as well as prospective clients and general public, do not let anyone enter your home unless 1) you are aware they are coming ahead – it is scheduled and on calendar.
2) you are told the name of the person and who to expect.
3) the person arrives with photo identification with company logo or something on a badge to indicate he or she is from a company.
4) There is something the person can leave with you such as a brochure something to show the company, when he or she was there and so on.
Be safe, ask questions and don’t be afraid to call the police and report it.

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