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Monday, September 10, 2012

Are you worried about loved one's driving?

Does your aging loved one senior citizen drive a car and you are worried? Don’t know what to do or where to turn? If you feel or think this way you are not alone. Recently there was a story released about a senior citizen who allegedly drove into 11 pedestrians. When police removed the driver from the car, he disclosed to them he was 101 years old.
Do you worry about your loved one driving? What can you do? If you live in the Delaware County PA, Montgomery County PA, Chester or Philadelphia County area, you can look into the Driver’s Rehabilitation Program at Bryn Mawr Rehab in Paoli. According to their website, the Driver Rehab Program can “Senior citizens to evaluate driving skills and assess if they can safely extend their driving years with a program featuring defensive driving techniques, strategies to conserve energy and compensate for slower reflexes, and exercises to increase flexibility.”
Before discussing the Driving Program with your loved one, review the Bryn Mawr Rehab website page and if needed, contact the program and ask about how it is paid for etc. You don’t want to introduce the subject, have your loved agree after arguing and then have an obstacle. To review the Bryn Mawr Driving Program webpage, click HERE.

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