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Friday, November 2, 2012

Avoid Seasonal Ilness: Flu Seniors Delaware County PA Tips

Fall brings about cooler weather, holidays and fun family gatherings. The cool, crisp smell of this season imparts an almost heady anticipation of crackling fires and hot cocoa as well as looking forward to the colorful transformations of foliage and trees.
Unfortunately, riding on the coat tails of seasonal changes are some pretty nasty germs that can cause mild to severe colds and flu in people of all ages. Children and seniors are especially at risk, along with those who have weak immune systems. No one can pinpoint exactly why there is a rise in the these infections during the fall and winter except to surmise that people are more apt to stay indoors during cold weather, putting themselves in closer proximity to those who may be sick and spreading germs.
Anyone who has suffered the misery of a seasonal cold or survived a debilitating bout of the flu can assure you they would prefer never to experience either again. But because these germs run rampant during the fall, chances are we all have the potential to become infected from time-to-time.
The flu vaccination is highly recommended for seniors to prevent contracting that virus. However, even after vaccination some people may get the flu, though symptoms are not as severe as they can be without the vaccine. While there is no vaccination for the common cold, there are ways to decrease your chances of catching colds as well as the flu by educating yourself on prevention methods and practicing due diligence when putting your knowledge to work. To read the rest of this article, click on this link:

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