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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tip for Seniors: Watch out there are bullies out there

One would think that with age, issues such as bullying would fade into the past. After all, the subject of bullying is closely associated with children and not adults. However, seniors are victims of bullying, too. In fact, some reports have shown that seniors face bullying more often than children. In acknowledgement of Bullying Prevention Month, Comfort Keepers® wants to raise awareness of how bullying can affect seniors.

Seniors are targets of bullies.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who see seniors as weak and vulnerable. Some seniors become victims of fraud and crime. Other seniors may be treated harshly by those close to them such as a son or nephew. Scare tactics and verbal intimidation are key factors of bullying, making the victims feel powerless. Often, these instances go unreported because the senior victim may be too ashamed to admit they have found themselves in that situation.

Seniors who live in assisted living facilities or who have in-home health care may also become victims of bullying. Seniors in these settings are sometimes unable to physically care for themselves in varying degrees and may be vulnerable to feeling inadequate. While this group of seniors is not necessarily targeted, they may become victims of staff who belittle or bully them for no other purpose than because they can. Bullying encompasses cruel actions by a person who imposes strength against the weak. To continue reading this click on this link:

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