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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ways to stay connected to others - socialize and be connected

Keeping the minds and social connections of our senior loved ones active is every bit as important to as caring for their physical wellbeing. Senior citizens don’t have to slow down or stop feeling young at heart just because they are older. As a caregiver, there are many fun, low cost and even free activities you can help your senior get involved with so that he or she can enjoy being socially engaged all year round.

The Golden Years can be a time full of interesting places to go and things to do. Now that your senior isn’t tethered to making a livelihood or managing a household like their younger counterparts, they can experience the joy of learning and doing new activities, developing hobbies and managing a social calendar of encounters with friends old and new as they explore and discover their interests.

‘Bloom where you’re planted,’ is an appropriate adage. Seniors can make connections with like-minded people of all ages or find activities geared just for elder adults practically right in their own back yard. To continue reading this, click HERE.

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