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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When it is no longer safe for senior to drive...

You may wonder about the performance of your senior loved one on the road. You want to support his or her continued independence, but on the other hand you worry about their driving abilities. Unfortunate as it is, we don’t all retain the ability to drive a car throughout our lifetime. Medications, loss of vision, frailty, physical disabilities, and even senility can end anyone’s driving career prematurely or permanently. So, how can you tell when the time has come for someone to stop driving?
Giving up driving is a transition that everyone involved wishes to put off as long as possible. For many older people, the very thought of losing a driver’s license is upsetting to say the least. And with good reason. As a culture Americans rely heavily on cars for our everyday lives and to get where we’re going -- to work, to the doctor, religious services, shopping, visiting friends and relatives, and sometimes even just to get out for a ride. A vast majority of seniors equate losing their driving privileges with becoming dependent, feeling trapped at home, curtailing the freedom to control when and where they can come and go, and be spontaneous.
To continue reading this article and others like it, click HERE. For information on local resources to assist with talking to senior about no longer driving, please call the Comfort Keepers office at 610-543-6300.

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