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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer's Coming to End Fall's Approaching - Volunteering

As the fall approaches and summer ends many older adults will be losing their grandchildren to Back To School Days finding themselves alone during the day and looking for something to do.

Might we suggest volunteering?

There are tons of volunteer opportunities for all interests and all ages right here in Delaware County, PA. Are you a people person? Do you like to sit and talk? Maybe visiting home bound older adults is something you would like to do.

Want to make a difference but you are more active and less social? If so Meals on Wheels often needs volunteers.

Maybe you loss someone and you would like to give back? If so Hospice is always looking for great people to sit and talk or read to patients.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, contact COSA, the County Office Service of Aging, they can give you some direction on where to go.

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