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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So it's Valentine's Day again. Every year the card stores and flower shops sell hundreds of dollars of merchandise to people who want to express their feelings to a loved one. But I just saw one couple on Action News who doesn't need Valentine Day or any other day in their 72 years of marriage to express themselves.

Yes you read that right 72 years of marriage. The Aronsons who live here in PA are both in their 90"s and are celebrating 72 years of marital bliss this year. The segment on Action News was done very well. As they look at a wedding picture, Mr. Aronson compliments his wife saying she is beautiful. His words are worth more than any card bought at hallmark or flowers that will eventually die. His words will never die they live forever in the heart of his wife.

It was so beautiful to see the two of them together. They live in Assisted living and they have children and over 20 some grand and great grand children. Mrs. Aronson talked of her husband as if they were just married. She looks at him and he at her as they probably did when they were in their 20's.

Her words of advice for a long marriage are to never go to bed angry. So if your mate forgets to bring you flowers or candy today but is sincere in how he or she feels about you, remember the Aronson's and be grateful for the words that cannot be thrown out or die in a vase on the counter. Don't go to bed angry that he or she forgot you on Valentine's Day. Take a page out of the Aronson's book and make everyday Valentine's Day.

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