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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kirk Douglas: Oscars 2011 A Star is Born

If you watched the Oscars last night, you probably saw Kirk Douglas present the award for Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo, the actress who played the mother in the movie, The Fighter. I can't remember how old Kirk is now but he has to be in his 80's if not 90 because I think Michael Douglas, his son is in his early to mid 60's.

What did you think of Kirk's presentation? As I watched him walk out I was shocked to see him ambulate so well. I remember he had a stroke a few years ago and I thought it affected his ability to walk but he must have recovered his abilities. His speech is clearly slurred due to stroke and as long as he took his time and the audience was quiet we could understand him.

It was wonderful to see such a legend up on that stage. I can only imagine how much he must have enjoyed it and how he will remember it. To have so much fame and then to age and in Hollywood we know that aging is something no one does but to reach the age of 85 or so and still be invited to present or to be recognized by other actors must have been a wonderful experience for him. How many of us will be recognized by our professions when we are in our 80's or who will even remember you sat at that desk or you did X to help the company. Hollywood however is a totally different ball game. As quickly as they forget you as quickly they remember and there is always the 15 minutes of fame you have to keep chasing.

I can only imagine too how things have changed for him as he seen an industry where when he attended the awards, everyone was so prim and proper on television. No one would have ever have thought to use the word Melissa Leo did in public let alone on national television. Back in Kirk's day they had those moral clauses where you weren't allowed to do anything in public that could bring shame to the movie studio you worked for. Remember Judy Garland and all her troubles or Liz Taylor and all her marriages? Before the Oscars, I turned on Cleopatra and I thought about her and Richard Burton and how they could have cared less about any moral clauses.

Did you see Kirk Douglas last night? If so, what did you think and what is your favorite Kirk Douglas movie?

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