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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice: Did seeing David Cassidy make you feel old?

Over the last two days I have heard from several people how they "feel old". What has sparked this sudden recognition that days have passed and yes, you are aging? Believe it or not Celebrity Apprentice.

Celebrity Apprentice premiered Sunday night and over the last two days around the watercooler sorta speak, people have commented that they watched it and it made them feel so old. When I ask "what made you feel that way?" I hear things like David Cassidy - did you see him? He looked so old on that show. I can't believe he is that old. I remember when the Partidge family was on and we were all the same age. Other people say "Meatloaf, my gosh is he a grandfather yet?" "I feel so old". "I think he was wearing reading glasses, my grandfather uses those".

Isn't interesting how we see some of these teen idols and rock stars and all of a sudden we realize wow, time sure does fly and I am getting old. Thankfully though it is usually just a fleeting thought that runs through our mind and we don't dwell on it. I think our mind gets confused too because often we see the plastic surgery stars like Joan Rivers and it confuses our mind and sends message oh I can't be that old look at her. And then more confusion sets in when we get a glimpse of an aging Zsa Zsa Gabor or one of the other stars who is not readily in the news. We see the person and go oh yes she should look like that she is 90 but again fleeting thoughts because truly the human mind cannot comprehend I will look like that when I am 90. Often we are protected from those thoughts because the thoughts start to spiral into loss of independence, loss of physical mobility and thoughts of I hope I don't end up like that.

So many mixed messages about aging and the television and movies don't help us. It confuses us and in some ways prevents us from dealing with the truth.

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