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Monday, March 28, 2011

Calling All Centenarians: Join May Celebration

Do you know someone who will turn 100 years old this year? or maybe you know someone who is over 100? If so, please encourage the person or the family to contact COSA, the County Office Services for the Aging - 610-490-1300. For about the last 7 years COSA has honored all the Delaware County Centenarians at a luncheon at Drexelbrook in May during Older Americans Month. Having attended the luncheon a few times over the years, I can tell you it is truly a wonderful experience for the Centenarians and their families. Some Centenarians have been attending for 2 or 3 years now, yes you might think that odd but last year I sat with a lady that was 105. The oldest Centenarian in attendance last year was 107 I think and the youngest was 99 about to be 100. The event is a wonderful luncheon as Centenarians are permitted to bring a couple family member free of charge and then there is a fee the rest of the family can pay to attend. I believe last year there was a family there with 5 generations, amazing and just beautiful picture to hold on to and show their own children. Centenarians can attend the event if they wish or COSA staff will visit them at the location which they reside. Some reside at home with family while others live in nursing homes or facilities. If you know a Centenarian or family of one, please ask them to call COSA at 610-490-1300 and ask for Barbara Nicolardi. For more information on COSA or Older Americans Month events, click HERE.

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