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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor:What are your memories?

With Elizabeth Taylor's passing, so much is being written about her own memories and the memories of her friends and in general the public of her. Might you say you remember when the movie Cleopatra came out and you were awed by the sheer magnitude of the sets, the costumes and the movie itself? or might you say you remember when the story broke of her infidelity with Richard Burton it knocked every other piece of news off the front page of the paper? I like many younger Americans am not sure I have alot of memory of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and the scandals. Most of my generation know her as Michael Jackson's friend and the younger crowd probably doesn't even know that. With help from an article today in the New York Post though, I was brought up to speed on not only her but some of the the other celebrities that quote "caused a scandal". The article starts by talking about Lindsey Lohan and how in today's day and age, this young girl is caught up in so much scandal between issues with her family, alleged drug use, alleged stealing, in and out of prison, lesbian affair and so on. The article reminds us that none of these scandals are new rather we just did not hear about them like we do today. The article reminds us about how Ingrid Bergman left her husband and two children to run off with an Italian director and how Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn carried on an affair for many years. How Errol Flynn was accused of underage age relations and of course the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton/Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds mess. I wonder if the life of the celebrity was better or worse then or now? Was it better for a star like Elizabeth Taylor whose movie studio used to put people out on street and put pressure on the newspapers to lay off or to try and keep it quiet while today no one seems to care how much we know, how detailed and how often? Look at Charlie Sheen. If he was an actor in the 1950's his situation would have probably be handled much different. Back then there seem to be more control over celebrities and their actions, granted this might have made many of them act out even more but we didn't hear about it like we do today. They were allowed to make mistakes, to live life as we do. Today celebrity comes with much more of a price than being famous. It costs you everything. Your privacy, your kids privacy, your parent's privacy and even your in-laws and neighbors sometimes. Cause when the press wants a story, everyone and anyone sells you out. What do you think about today's celebrities and the media?

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