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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grocery store Bonus Game: Confused? you're not the only one.

I remember way back when there were green stamps. If you are a little younger and this sounds strange, watch the episode of the Brady Bunch where the kids collect a drawer full of stamps with the hope of turning them into a prize. I think the girls wanted a sewing machine and the boys a row boat. After much arguing I think they ended up with a television but I digresss from my title the grocery store bonus game.

Has anyone figured it out? It seems very confusing to me and I have to say I am not the only one. Very early this morning I went to the store which probably had 5 cars in the lot and one cashier on. As I walked around the aisles I noticed what I thought were sale tags hanging off of items only to realize the tag said bonus item meaning it was an item for the bonus game. I guess if you buy that item you get this sticker or something. I had to look closer at the tag because in small print above the bonus it said 2 for $5 on sale oh I see now it is on sale and it is a bonus item. I think I get it. Confusing.

I went to register where the cashier was intently studying the game board and the rules, how to play etc. She begins to tell me about the game. I explain to her that it was a little confusing looking at tags on the shelf. I am not a game player and have no interest really I just want to know if the item I am buying is on sale and the tags confused me.

Now I am a self check out person. I like doing self check out so I always go through the do it yourself lane. As I am standing there alone no one is in the store she explains to me I have to go to her after I am finished checking out to have her look at my receipt which will tell her the number of game pieces I am supposed to get. I say "I have to come over to you when I am done here to look at my receipt?" She replies "yes so I can give you your game pieces the total number I am going to give you will print out at bottom of receipt."

Now I don't know about you but isn't the whole idea of going through self check out so you don't have to be held up for any reason. Basically I go at my own pace if I have two items it takes me all about a minute to check out but now I have to wait for her to give me a game piece I probably don't want or care about anyway. So I say to her "isn't that going to be a real nightmare when it's busy in here?" I mean I been in here when the lines are back into the aisle if everyone has to stop and get game pieces that is going to cause more headaches for customers."

I am not sure she heard me or thought about what I said she seemed more intent on learning the game and how it worked. So I went through the line and thought I had like 3 bonus items but then again I don't really care. She takes my receipt and can't seem to find where the number of game pieces is on the receipt so she grabs the weekly ad and begins to ask me what did you buy and is looking through the ad to see if it is bonus.

So I say I have feeling this is going to be a nightmare for you. I could care less but some people who come through this line are going to be very anal about how many game pieces they should get,etc.

I felt bad for her. I told her that maybe the store should give them a list of bonus items so that they don't have to look through the ad or something.

If you are going to play game and your are serious about it, know what you are buying and what is bonus cause if the cashier has to look everything up everyone  behind you will be  really mad at you for holding up the line. I am sure it is a great game and the prizes are really terrific and I wish I was more into it but these days the simpler the better.  I shop at this grocery store all the time and the one thing about it is everything is easy to find and the staff is very helpful and pleasant.

What are your thoughts on bonus game, have been through the check out line yet?

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