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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ask for Identificaton when Home Health Aide comes to your door!

This article was printed in Friday's Daily Times: couple in their 80’s was robbed in their home on Thomas Avenue earlier this week by a woman posing as a home health aide, police said.The incident took place on Monday around 11 p.m. when a woman, wearing red hospital scrub pants and a floral shirt knocked on the elderly couple’s door saying she was an employee of the Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging, according to authorities.The woman told the elderly man that she was there to check on his wife, who is confined to a bed because of medical issues, police said. The man let the woman inside and she spoke to his wife about her medical issues. After a few minutes, she left the home.A short time later, the woman returned telling the man that her car had broken down and asked to use the phone. The man allowed her inside again, but this time the woman ran into the wife’s bedroom, went immediately to a bedside table and took a number of items, including cash and a check book. She ran back out the front door before the man could stop her. The suspect’s car was heard driving away toward Washington Street, police said.

That article was in Friday's Daily Times. I encourage everyone to tell seniors and even younger people to always ask for identification. Any individual that works for the county especially COSA has identification and I know this because anytime I see a COSA employee the tag is pinned on the label, tie or shirt in visable spot. I have been in the WAWA and seen the county badge for someone who works at the courthouse or other county agencies. Please make sure you ask for identification. A home health aide should not just show up at your door. The visit should be scheduled and the agency should have contacted you to let you know the name of the aide coming for the shift, the time of arrival and answer any questions you have.

Most if not all home health agencies issue identification for their aides. Comfort Keeper aides have a photo identification.

Sometimes people feel shy or awkward about asking for identification but you should not. Most agencies have a policy in place that aides are to present identification when asked. If someone arrives at your home at 11pm and you were not notified by an agency or even if you were ask for identification. Any reputable agency would have informed you that a visit would be made especially that late at night. Use common sense and if things don't feel right do not let the person in your home. Any home health aide that has been issued out by an agency will report to the agency that you refused entry and the agency will call you. If you do not hear from anyone it was probably a fake and in that case I would call the police and report it.

To read the full story in the Daily Times, click HERE.

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