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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Keeping cool in the heat

As we age our body begins to crave a warmer temperature and that is probably why so many people move to Florida. Who wants to be in Delaware County in the winter time? Granted the snow is pretty but it only serves one true purpose to keep everything colder - the ground, the house and our bodies.

If you are a person who likes  your home warm a temperature above 75 all year round please remember that you are used to the heat and so sometimes when it gets hotter you might realize it is too hot.  Your body is used to living in 75 degrees whereas a person who lives in all types of temperatures can often recognize it is chilly out when the temperature may only drop ten degrees or it is getting hot when the temperature is rising a few.

Please try to put yourself on a routine to check your thermostat during the day and make an agreement with your family that you will turn on the fan or the air conditioner when the temperature hits a certain degree. Not only do you need the cool air to cool your home and body down you also need the air to circulate. Very humid days are the worst for the air to stay stagnant and not circulate and are particularly hard on those who have breathing issues.

You don't have to freeze yourself out or live in a home where you need a sweater, you just need to agree to put the fan on or air conditioning for your health and safety.

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