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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Media's Sterling Nursing and Rehab wins STAR Award

Gloria Hoffner, of Guitar by Gloria and Science for Seniors shared this with me.

Re-Creative Resources Magazine has named The Sterling Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Activity Department as winner of the June 2011 STAR Award for outstanding activity programs, highlighting The Great Ticket Turn-In. Sterling is located at 318 South Orange Street in Media.

Nancy Newman, is Sterling Activity Director. Kelley Smith, Sterling Activity Assistant, created The Great Ticket Turn-In. Activity department members are: Joan DiSciullo, Sharyn Carr, Carole Erricson, Joyce McCormick, Inna Melnyk, Louise Smith, Jean Walker and Gloria Hoffner.

The Great Ticket Turn-In brings together residents who enjoy different program events into a shared day of fun!
Here is how it works....
Throughout the year residents receive tickets when they participate in programs at Sterling. These tickets may be redeemed weekly for snacks, toiletries, etc. and can be used twice each year for The Great Ticket Turn-In.

Newman selects a date for the event and posts it on the calendar. Residents then have two weeks to turn in all their tickets to Smith. She counts the tickets and makes a master list of residents and their number of tickets - this list is a secret until the day of The Great Ticket Turn-In.

On that day, Sterling's dining room becomes a Game Show Stage! Smith - dressed in formal wear and a blond wig - is the Vanna White of Sterling. As residents "Ohh” and "aah" a collection of goodies are modeled in Carol Merrill style by Smith. The special prizes, gathered by Newman and her staff who watch local store sales for bargains, range from purses to costume jewelry, perfume and aftershave to hats and men's wear to handmade afghans.

Residents gathered in a horseshoe wait in anticipation as Smith then announces the resident with the most tickets - last time the winner had 1,662 tickets!!! The winner is then invited to "Come on Down!" They may select ANY gift. When they have chosen, the residents and staff clap and each winner has their photo taken with 'Vanna'.

As the event continues, the resident with the next highest number of participation tickets selects a prize. When everyone who has turned in tickets has received a prize, anyone who did not have any tickets selects a gift from a table filled with smaller prizes. Everyone at the event, all residents, receive a prize and enjoy their own Queen (or King) for a Day moment.

And there are special contests - all residents have an equal chance on the grand prize - recently a jewelry box - for guessing the total number of tickets collected. The last time this was 10, 554 tickets. The resident who guessed closest without going over guessed 9,000 tickets. There is also The Great Ticket Turn Over-Under Flip, an all resident heads and tails game where the winner wins 25 tickets to start them on their way for the next Great Ticket Turn-In.

The Great Ticket Turn-In has become a resident favorite. Family members attend, residents congratulate the top ticket holders for weeks afterward, and gifts are shown off with pride. But most of all this activity encourages all residents to come out, be engaged in activities and try new programs throughout the year.

Congratulations to Sterling Nursing and Rehab Center on Orange Street, Media, PA for winning the June 2011 Star Award.

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