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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Veterans Legacy: Welcome Home Parade April 28, 2012 - Public welcome

The Veterans Legacy is dedicated to preserving as many individual remembrances as possible and we honor the legacy of all veterans through this project. We hope that students and the general public will learn the true meaning of service by sharing and participating in our activities.
The Veterans Legacy Project respectively requests your attendance at the Welcome Home Parade 2012. We are planning a Flag Passing Ceremony, and
hope you will consider attending the event in support and or participating in the Flag Passing Ceremony. We are welcoming previous combat veterans to join us and pass flags with our current combat Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, welcoming them home.
You can sign up on a special “page” on the
legacy website or at Whenever possible we ask that each post/league gather a list of veterans and forward the numbers as soon as possible. If you wish to have your Color Guard walk in the Parade please contact Bob Dimond 484-444-0200. We hope you will see this
project as worthy of your support as well, all financial support will go directly toward the logistics and preparation of the 2012 Parades. Contact

  • This
    year will include a special Welcome
    Home Parade and Flag Passing Ceremony, on
    Saturday, April 28, 2012 at
    3:00 pm, on State Street in Media, Delaware County, PA.
    The Flag passing ceremony is our way of saying
    that your service will always be remembered and future generations of
    troops will always be welcomed home. An example of The Flag Passing
    Ceremony can be seen at This Special Day will also include outreach
    and awareness to address employment issues for returning veterans, the
    Outreach Committee will connect veterans, their dependents, and/or their
    survivors with county, state and federal benefits, services and
    As in the past, the Veterans
    Legacy will host The Annual
    Memorial Day Parade and remembrance on Monday, May 28 to honor the
    families and fellow soldiers who have lost their loved ones in service to
    our country.
    The Veterans Legacy will also host The Annual Delaware County
    Veterans Day parade and ceremony on Monday November 12 to honor all
    veterans who have so bravely served our country.

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