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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Eagles Season: How many is this for you?

The Eagles started this week. The first pre-season game was Thursday night and most of the media is saying they looked really good. It got me to thinking about the last few years and how they seem to fly by with hopes of Super Bowl never really coming true. We had one year when we got there but we didn't win.

Ever since then it has been year after year of dashed hopes but for some reason we stay loyal to them. No matter what they do we still watch, we still buy tickets, we still boo and we still root for them.

These multi-million dollar athletes who cannot seem to get it together to win games and win it all. It never makes sense to me. How about you? Tell me what some of the things that bother you about the Eagles are and what are some of your memories of years passed. Was it like this in the 1950's? Were people this passionate about their team and if so,  were you one of them? Did you belong to a club that had season's tickets and what was the price of the ticket say in 1965?

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